Annual Fund

Previously called "Family and Community Partnership"

The Council's Annual Fund (AF) provides essential funds that allow our Council to continue offering services to both adults and girls.  91% of the money goes towards programs and services, with 6% contributing to general administration, and another 3% towards fund development. 

Here are some ways your AF donations help:

"Our council's outdoor program facilities serve more than 29,000 girls every year.  The cost of equipment and maintenance is not included in the camp fees.  The council subsides every girls camping experience by at least 50%.  A gift to FCP doesn't supply funds just from low income families, but it also defrays the cost for campers who pay the full camp fee."  We are so fortunate to have access to eight wonderful camps in Georgia. 

It pays for Volunteer Training and Background Checks- to give girls the best possible leaders and role models.

The Volunteer Service Center and Girl Scout Store are available to every troop.  Girl Programs like patch modules, our resource center (which has many videos, activity kits and books available to troops), council publications and so much more are made possible through your support of AF.

Our goal is 100% participation . . . because AF benefits 100% of the girls!  If you would like to make a donation please contact your troops AF chairman or email one of our AF Chairmen. A very special thanks to those troops who have already met the $50 average donation high mark!