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Required Documentation for Troop Trips

Planning trips with Girl Scouts is fun, but it can sometimes be confusing to make sure that you have the proper trip notification form.  We hope the list below helps you determine which form(s) you'll need to make sure that you are meeting Council trip guidelines.


There are two kind of field trips.  One requires an "Application for Troop/Group Trips" (Trip App.). The other does not. Which kind of field trip are you?


  1. Your trip will not exceed 6 hours
  2. There are no activities requiring Council approval  and trained certified personeel are involved (i.e., horseback riding, ice skating, etc.)
  3. Private passenger vehicles are used for transportation; AND
  4. It takes less than 1 hour to reach your destination

Then click here for Tripping Adventures and Awesome Activities.

If you answered "FALSE" to any of the questions above, then click here for Trip Application details.


Where do you want to camp? 

bulletIf you want to camp at a Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia campsite, then click here for Camping in Council Campsites
bulletIf you want to camp someplace else (but it must be pre-approved!), then click here for Non-Council Camping


FOR ALL TRIPS, you will need the following:


Permission Forms


Health Forms (for girls AND adults who are attending)


Driver & Vehicle Log (if using private passenger cars.  Additional documentation is required if using buses, etc.


Failure to properly document or obtain approval for a Girl Scout trip or high-risk activity could result in a loss of secondary medical benefits available from Mutual of Omaha. The entry/email to Tripping Adventures/Awesome Activities or the completed Application for Troop/Group Trips is the leader's acknowledgment that all necessary precautions and planning have been undertaken. (from Beyond Safety-Wise)



Please refer to these publications for further details and information on trip planning:

bulletCouncil Guide for Volunteers
bulletBeyond Safety-Wise
bulletLearning Opportunities
bulletThe Insider
bulletCouncil-Wide Programs At A Glance
bulletTrip and Travel Guidelines
bulletGuide for Camping
bulletTroop Camping Sites and Procedures
bulletBirthplace Bound




  1. Up to 1 hours from meeting place to destination
  2. Occasional field trips up to 1 day long
  3. Occasional overnight family camping trips


  1. Up to 2 hours from meeting place to destination
  2. Maximum of 2 nights away from home


  1. Up to 5 hours from meeting place to destination
  2. Maximum of two nights away from home
  3. Older Juniors with prior travel planning experience may apply for longer trips. A Travel Approval Form must be submitted at least 6 months before the proposed trip.


  1. Up to 6 hours of travel in one day
  2. Only 9th Grade and older may apply for international trips, including cruises
  3. Must use Travel Approval Form for trips of 3 nights or more
bulletDue 1-3 years in advance for international travel
bulletDue 1 year in advance for travel to Alaska or Hawaii
bulletDue 6 months in advance for trips of 3 nights or more within the continental U.S.