Tripping Adventures

Tripping Adventures & Awesome Activities

If you need to let us know about your field trip and haven't entered it in the "Tripping Adventures" book (at Service Unit Meetings and in Lynn's garage), use this form to notify the Service Unit team of any field trips (trips away from your regular meeting place) you have planned that do NOT require a signed "Trip Application" form.  You may use this form to email your information to the SUD Team, who will include it in the "Tripping Adventures".

You may ONLY use this e-form if you can answer "YES" to all of the following questions:

  1. Trip will not exceed 6 hours

  2. No activities requiring Council approval are involved

  3. Private passenger vehicles are used for transportation

  4. It takes less than 1 hour to reach your destination

Were any of your answers to the questions above "No"?  Then you must complete a Trip Application. 

Click on "Trip Application" to go to the instruction page.

Tripping Adventures Book submission......ALL fields must be filled in.

Email address of person submitting form : 

Date of Trip: 

Leader's Name:      Troop Number:

Where are you going and what will you be doing? (Place and address) :

Time of trip (departure and return):

Are private vehicles listed on a current Vehicle Log?   Yes    No

Email address of person submitting form : 

Emergency contact and their phone number while you are gone:

NOTE: This form submits your information to the Directors of the Dunwoody Service Unit.  If you are a part of any other GS service unit, then you will need to contact the SUD for your area.