Non-Girl Scout Camps

Many troops enjoy camping away from the Council campgrounds.  Please see a SUD for a list of pre-approved camp sites for other camping experiences, or visit the council website for a list of pre-approved sites.  Camping applications will only be approved for camp sites that are on the Council's list of pre-approved camp sites.

Required Trainings For Leaders or Other Adults

These are one-time only classes that do not have to be renewed.  A registered troop adult (not necessarily the leader) who will be accompanying the troop on the campout must have completed the necessary course work at least 30 days before the camping trip. (There is equivalency testing available, for those individuals who are experienced in the outdoors.)

For Cabin Camping Only:  "Cabin Camping" (a 3-hour class)

For Tent Camping:  "Platform Tent Camping with Fire Building and Outdoor Camping" . Please note: "Cabin Camping" or equivalent is a pre-requisite for this class, which requires an overnight camp-out.

Current First Aid/CPR certification

For links to available classes, visit Council's "Learning Opportunities".                                     

Required Forms

Application for Troop/Group Trips (Trip App.)  This is NOT the same form, "Application/Reservation for Troop Camping" that is required for Council campsites!

Permission Forms

Health Forms

Driver & Vehicle Log