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Every successful volunteer organization thrives on it's volunteer's and we are no different.  To show our volunteers how much we value them, several awards have been established. You can nominate people for Outstanding Leader, Outstanding Volunteer, Outstanding Trainer and the Daisy Award.  More information about each award can be found below. Please help us identify deserving volunteers so that we can show them our appreciation.

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Criteria (must meet all of the following criteria):

v candidate is an active, registered member of GSUSA serving as an 01, 02, or group leader (04)

v candidate has completed basic leadership course:  HGG1 and HGG2

v candidate’s performance as a leader of girls is so outstanding in nature that it merits recognition by the Service Unit

v candidate has demonstrated support of Council & Service Unit by:

meeting or exceeding agreed upon troop size; supporting fund-raising efforts; having the troop represented at all SU meetings during the GS program year; communicating effectively with the girls’ families & other adults in the SU; submitting required forms on time

v candidate has served in the leadership role for a minimum of 2 full years

We want to emphasize that the nominee must not only be an outstanding leader of her troop but must also be an active participant in the Service Unit.

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Criteria (must meet all of the following criteria):

v candidate is an active, registered member of GSUSA & is being nominated for outstanding service in a capacity other than or in addition to a leadership role

v candidate has completed GS training appropriate for the position in which the outstanding performance was rendered

v candidate has been an adult GS volunteer for a minimum of 2 years

v candidate has demonstrated support for Council fund raising efforts

v service performed benefits the SU in a way that is above and beyond the expectations for the position held to an extent that warrants area-wide recognition & is in support of Council goals & objectives

Examples:  an events director who has managed several successful area-wide events; a person who has long tenure with the SU & whose performance is at a consistently high level 

 If you submit a nomination, the Recognitions Committee will ask for your assistance in filling out the short nomination form, & you will also be asked to provide 2 letters of recommendation to support the nomination.  These can be written by other leaders, parents, & girls in the troop.  There are certain things that must be included in the letter. The Committee has sample letters to assist your letter writers.  The Committee is very dependent on your help & greatly appreciates your timely assistance.

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This award is given to an organization or individual which has provided outstanding support of Girl Scouting by increasing GS visibility in the community &/or contributing to the successful accomplishment of the SU’s objectives.

These awards do not require letters of recommendation.  We only have to submit the nomination form.  You may consider nominating your school if the administration has been supportive of your troop with meeting places, activities, etc.

We would like to have all nominations by the end of January.  Please submit them to one of the SUDs or Ivonne Mastin, Recognitions Committee chair.  This can be done by email, phone, or in writing at the SU meetings.  If the nomination is accepted, the Committee will get in touch with you for assistance.

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Apparently this award has been around for a long time but they’re handling nominations differently now.  If you have been very impressed by a Trainer, please contact one of our SUD's & the name will be forwarded to the appropriate person.  This can be done at any time during the year.

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A leader who believes that Girl Scouting is for "every girl, everywhere", makes a place for them in right in their own troop.  The recognitions committee will take nominations for this award.   

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"Shining Star" AWARD

This award is for a leader that is a Shining Star in Dunwoody.  It is for a volunteer who may have won once-in-a-lifetime Council awards in the past and has continued to volunteer at levels that deserve Service-wide recognition.  These volunteers continue to provide service above and beyond expectations and leave some of us wondering “when do they find the time!”  If you know of a Shining Star in Dunwoody please let a Service Unit Director know.

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Super Star Award

The Super Star Award is a new in 2009 award in our Council.  It’s purpose is to recognize an adult who has demonstrated support for council goals and objectives and has provided service that is above and beyond the expectations of her position.